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How to Tame Preservation Costs and Risks

Judges David J. Waxse and William V. Gallo make recommendations to help counsel avoid the risk of spoliation without having to preserve everything.

The recent Preservation Costs Survey report conducted by William H.J. Hubbard, J.D., Ph.D., shows that nearly four out of five companies suffer from preservation burdens.

Four experienced panelists will discuss ways to make preservation a reasonable business process at a reasonable cost, make it proportional to the litigation, and manage the risks of spoliation.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Common mistakes and causes of preservation issues
  • Range of solutions available and how you might apply them
  • Specific recommendations for attorneys and in-house counsel


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Meet the Panelists

Honorable David J. Waxse
U.S. Magistrate Judge (D. Kan.)


William H.J. Hubbard
Assistant Professor of Law
Univ. Chicago Law School


Honorable William V. Gallo
U.S. Magistrate Judge (S.D.Cal.)


Geoffrey Vance
Partner, McDermott Will & Emery


Webinar Highlights

Judge Waxse: "You've got to have cooperation. Even though you haven't initiated litigation, talk to the other side! There is nothing wrong with sending a letter to the other side and saying 'Hey, we're getting ready to sue you. Here are our demands and here is what we'd like to talk about before we file suit.' Start those discussions prior to the initiation of litigation." Judge Gallo: "We are truly in a reactive mode on the judiciary and I don't see these issues being brought to our attention until much later in the process, which is a part of the problem."