DiscoverMobile by D4
Mobile Device Evidence Review Made Easy

Efficiently search, review and produce mobile device data alongside traditional ESI

Reviewing mobile device data used to be as frustrating as it was time-consuming.

D4’s DiscoverMobile prepares mobile device evidence for easy import into the review platform, enabling legal and investigation teams to search, review, and produce mobile device evidence alongside traditional forms of ESI.

D4 DiscoverMobile Capabilities

  • Allows text messages to be reviewed and produced alongside traditional ESI

  • Enables searching, filtering, sorting, and analysis of text messages across multiple devices at once

  • Facilitates searches for emoji such as ❤ and

  • Supports the application of redactions and Bates labels to individual text messages

  • Maintains message attachments with a family relationship to the parent

  • Prepares mobile device data for import into Relativity, IPRO Eclipse, or any other eDiscovery review platform that accepts standard load files

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