How to Use Managed and Prioritized Workflows to Reduce the Cost of Review

Brainspace has transcended the TAR debates to make the use of analytics in eDiscovery a snap. Teaching the machine is as easy as clicking a tag, and multiple machine learning tools can be combined to amplify their power. When leveraged in a Managed Review, the power of defensible, highly prioritized reviews can be adapted to the needs of each case.

Attend the webinar on Wednesday, December 6th at 12 p.m. ET to learn how you can achieve significant time and cost savings with D4’s FirstPass Review workflow that leverages both Managed Review and Brainspace’s technology.

Attend this webinar and reduce review costs by:

  • Understanding the science behind Brainspace
  • Building customized workflows specific to your case, and
  • Properly applying these workflows with the help of a project manager

 Meet the Panelists:

Charles Roberts
Consultant, Discovery Engineering Group

Kalyn Johnson
Director of Delivery
Special Counsel

Dave Lewis
Chief Data Scientist

Chuck Kellner
Senior Vice President, Senior Consultant

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