D4 Relativity Alternative Fee Models

 Processing, analysis and data review services in Relativity-only models

Take back control of your eDiscovery budget by choosing the pricing model that's right for you.

No two eDiscovery cases are the same, but we're here to make it easier on you and your budget. Each of our four flexible pricing models are based in Relativity, and give you access to the most robust eDiscovery software at a competitive rate.


D4 AIR includes all ingestion, deduplication, deNISTing and publishing-to-review services, with full access to our litigation support teams and the number one review platform in the world, all at a very competitive rate.

D4 Balance

With D4 Balance, you can purchase D4's services up-front at significantly reduced rates, and use them as you need them.

D4 Move

Transition your current workspace to D4 at no charge, and potentially reduce your hosting costs up to 50%.

D4 Upfront

Combat long-term hosting charges with D4 Upfront: pay only for project start-up costs, and for up to twelve months, we’ll waive hosting storage fees.

Our Alternative Fee Models can give you what you need, when you need it, on any budget. Learn more today! 

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